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one sheet portfolio of Anton Borzov, graphic designer & interactive developer
I specialize in visual identity, viral marketing and flash sites

Anton Borzov
Dnipro, Ukraine
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Anatoly Kasyan

Photographer’s flashfolio website with smooth text animation. CMS by Reactor. 2006

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Freedom to design was developed to give free hosting to talented russian-speaking designers. Made in ELRO. 2006

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Secret Message

Concept, design & development for this funny viral postcard. Made in ELRO. 2006

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Mark Milov

Photographer’s flashfolio website & identity redesign. 2006

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Moderno import

Visual identity, on-site flash animation. Made in ELRO. 2002



Visual identity, sites concept & design, intro animation . Made in ELRO. 2005, 2006

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Visual identity for VoIP provider. Made in ELRO. 2005

zartek & ondecktech

Zartek is smart-home & security company.
ondecktech is an Apple certified partner that helps you with your mac and encourages you to switch to mac. Made in ELRO. 2005

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+ 38 093 5548 557
skype: gettyggy
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